Three Timeless Direct-Marketing Tips to Immediately Boost Your Business | Rhoda Kennell

Three Timeless Direct-Marketing Tips to Immediately Boost Your Business

Hang on to your hat! 

Because you are about to learn how to recruit 5 new people to your business every day using this clever hack. 

I'm just kidding! I'm not going to try and "clickbait" you with fake promises of instant success. You've read those and are probably sick and tired of seeing them! 

But let's face it--wouldn't it be nice, just for once, to have something work quickly?!? 

I mean, who wouldn't like to be able to recruit people like crazy and see their team rise to the top of their company? 

After all, you're a busy person and work hard to be constantly  looking for new prospects, customers, leads, and recruits.

However, the solution is not to wait for some magical formula to drop into your lap, to get the results you want. 

Instead, you need to ignore the smoke and mirrors and use a more direct and proven approach.

So, if you're seriously looking for a non-gimmicky way to grow your business now, let me suggest that you seriously start...

learning the ropes of plain, ol' (and I do mean old) direct-response marketing! 

News flash--People are people! 

And they haven't changed much in a lo-o-o-ng time, which is why the wisdom of the ages hasn't changed much over time.

And it's why people still respond to old-school, direct-response marketing, which has existed in some way, shape, or form for thousands of years. 

In fact, the earliest forms of billboards were seen in the form of clay tablets in ancient Egypt.

Celebrity endorsements were, in fact, in vogue as far back as the Roman gladiators, where they promoted their sponsors' services and products before their performances. 

So, while they might not have had Facebook or modern marketing technology, they

still understood the tried-and-true methods of direct response advertising! 

And at the end of the day, "sales is sales"! 

Fast forward to today, and the possibilities are endless! 

You don't need marketing magic....

Really, if you're a marketer today, you should consider yourself insanely fortunate! 

Although there are tons of details to keep track of and so much to learn, don't give up! If you think about all the technology and the world of information we have at our fingertips, we're light-years ahead of what the old-school marketers had at their disposal! 

Think about it..

You can leave this post right now and go and run a Facebook ad and get scores of leads, of red-hot prospects who are ready and eager to take advantage of what you have to offer! 

It's incredible, isn't it?!? 

When you back away and look at the access we have to new leads, it IS pretty much insane!

Really, stop and think...

Do you remember how hard it was to get even mildly-interested prospects longer ago???

Think about what it was like, "back in the day".....

No Facebook.


Forget the Internet--this was before phones, television, or even radio! 

We're talking--getting out and pounding the dirt streets, peddling out your message and wares to anyone within listening distance. 

Your very existence depended upon it!

It's hard to wrap your brain around it, I'm sure, but guess what...

Old-school marketers found creative ways to make it work! 

According to Andrew T. Droughon, they worked quite hard at it!

"Ancient Romans created fancy flyers with snappy slogans for promoting political campaigns, gladiatorial events, lost and found rewards, even local brothels.

Egyptian merchants used to print comprehensive sales catalogs, neatly itemized on papyrus sheets, to distribute to the public.

This was all done by hand, one-at-a-time, and painstakingly slow (as, you know, this was prior to Gutenberg)."

And it worked! 

The point is....

Compared to efforts involved in marketing longer ago, reaching prospects today is a cinch!! 

And we really have No reason to complain when "Facebook did this" or "Facebook did that."! 

Because today, with just a few "clicks" we can reach 2.07 BILLION monthly active users! 

Chew on that one for a while! 

What's really cool is that we can learn a thing or two from our forefathers. While there will always be some shiny new object to try out, the timeless principles that worked for our forefathers will still work for us today! 

And those 3 timeless tips I promised at the beginning? Yeah, here they are, and you can can immediately start implementing them.

When in doubt, follow the money! It's such a basic principle, but also easy to overlook.

You should always aim to attract prospects who are likely to spend money, rather than targeting "penny-pinchers".

Andrew also has these words to say about the subject:

"Remember the classic Sears, Roebuck and Company “Big Book?”

You know, those behemoth catalogs brimming with offers (even complete “kit” houses), which became a staple of Americana itself.

Sears initially targeted the neglected rural markets with their catalogs, but quickly realized that the quickly-growing and more-affluent urban areas were where the real money was at, and as a result, the company’s expansion into big cities quickly eclipsed their mail order division."

Your business needs to go by the same rules. 

People who have to watch every penny they spend are not going to be the most receptive to your offers.

On the other side of the coin, the more money people have in their pockets, the more they're likely to look at what you have to offer.

Thankfully, these days, we have more control than ever over who we want to reach and how we qualify our prospects.

HINT: Baby boomers are much more likely to have surplus cash to spend than are Millennials, so forget marketing to the 30-and-under crowd as a general rule. 

They say the sweetest word a person can hear is their own name. 

And for marketers, a person's name is everything. 

Sadly, we live in a day and age when we are bombarded on all sides by spam and information overload.

And with all the trash filling up our inboxes, people are sick and tired of one-size-fits-all marketing messages that are blasted out there.

And here lies the challenge....

Finding ways to make your marketing messages personalized.

History shows it can be done, and it's time for another history lesson from Andrew:

In 2004, two professors from Southern Methodist University conducted an experiment where they attached personalized sticky notes to direct mail solicitations, and nearly doubled their response rate in the process.

The direct mail gurus of the 1980s employed similar tactics, attaching hand-written messages to engage their prospects’ curiosity.

A personalized sticky note would read…

“Check this out, [first name]. It really works! —J.”

The “article” inside the envelope was, of course, was an advertorial.

And the infamous “Letter from J.” sticky note tactic remains as effective today as it was 30 years ago."

Since we live in the digital age, these same principles can be applied today, in a much easier and more effective way. 

In fact, if you have a Facebook group or email list, you already have these prospects' names and addresses on hand. 

Just don't forget to actually use all the information you have available to add that nice, personal touch.

It's the personal touches that go a long way, and build rapport.

After all, direct marketing means talking directly to individuals.

Here's a thought-provoking question for you: 

If you're not willing to get excited about your own ads, why should you expect your prospects to get excited about them?

As our resident marketing history buff and marketing guru, Andrew reminds us, here is another great (slightly more modern) example:

"The ad wizards at Apple taught us time and time again that just a little bit of buzz can go a long way.

Take Apple’s classic “1984” Super Bowl ad as a prime example.

"Here’s a company that’s clearly intent on making their products seem larger than life.

This ad isn’t selling a computer (you didn’t see one, did you?); they’re saying, “our mission is to change the world.”

Similarly, during the more-recent launch of their Mac Pro desktop, Apple teased journalists by sending theater-sized posters of the new hardware in mysterious, jet-black tubes.

The stunt sought to generate word-of-mouth buzz and hey, it worked (…which goes to show direct mail isn’t dead, after all)."

And you don't need to be a creative genius or master marketer to do the same.

To wrap it up, let's bring these 3 principles back to full circle:

1. Target the right demographic.

2. Personalize your messages to connect with your audience.

3. Make your ads worth getting excited about, ones that grab your audience's attention!! 

With so much competition out there these days....

Don't be afraid to be bold!!! 

It really is that simple.   

So, instead of sitting around waiting for that "silver bullet", take matters into your own hands.

Go out and pound the digital pavement.

Put yourself out there where you can stand out and keep these tips in the back of your mind every step of the way. 

Think about it; if ancient Egyptians can market their wares, you can, too!

You have so many more resources at your disposal! In fact...

Leveraging the timeless principles of direct-market advertising has never been easier! 

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About the Author

Rhoda and her husband Darryl live on a farm in central IL. She is a professional network marketer and coaches other network marketers as well. When she is not building her business on Facebook, she is busy with farm bookkeeping, puttering around in her vegetable garden and koi pond, and going on hikes with her best friend and husband of 27 years.