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About Me

YES, we are real people and we know what it's like to struggle to pay the bills each month!

My husband is part of a farming family and he and his brothers have always had to have a secondary income to "support the farming habit" as we jokingly call it, but we both knew that we wanted to raise our kids on the farm and allow them to experience the goodness of family working together as they grew up. 

We also wanted me to be home full-time with our 2 kids, so in addition to Darryl's job as a maintenance guy at the local nursing home, I did medical transcription from home for 13 years, part of which time I homeschooled our 2 kids and did some foster care as well off and on for several years.

I tried marketing homemade products--soaps and lotions, but soon found that marketing and selling handmade products had its own set of headaches that I was not ready to deal with--again, more money down the drain.

Network Marketing...

I had tried several network marketing opportunities earlier on, but none of them really went anywhere, in fact, I lost money on them.

So I had pretty much given up on network marketing until about 4 years ago when our family's health and home was totally changed for the better by the company I promptly signed up with after falling in love with their products.

Even my husband was convinced--and he's a hard sell!  Just prior to my joining this company, my husband lost his maintenance job just shy of his 20th year due to company changes, so he came home and started growing an online business selling used car parts.

He now loves the freedom of being at home and working with his son, his brothers, and nephews and caring for his elderly parents when they need him, but we still struggled to make ends meet, so he was willing to let me give my business a go.

Fast forward 4 years and I was still struggling with my business and my extremely patient husband was starting to wonder if my business was really worth the time I put into  it since it wasn't making much money, barely paying for the products. 

I had enrolled a half dozen distributors and only one of them was still serious about her business.

I was throwing myself at about anyone and everyone who mentioned needing money or having any problems that I thought my company could help.  

I was inviting the same people over and over to a FB event each month, creating a slightly different focus on a slightly different product so they'd return and hopefully buy products.

I hung on, knowing that network marketing had wonderful potential and the company I was with was a wonderful company that has been around for a very, very long time and has a lot of integrity.

It looked Great But...

I also saw the beauty of residual income and how it would be well worth the hard work. I had dreams of helping others realize the freedom that comes from this opportunity and I wanted SO MUCH to be able to help them realize that goal for themselves. 

However, living in the middle of a cornfield severely limits the number of people you connect with and my uplines were actually competing me with somewhat in the small towns around me, in order to keep their businesses going.  

I was almost ready to give up until my husband actually called my business a sinking ship. Which made me determined NOT to give up!


Then one gray and cloudy Sunday afternoon I stumbled across something called Attraction Marketing and a light bulb switched on.

I knew this was the answer I was looking for!  

It was a concept that totally made sense--to share my opportunity with people who were actively looking for it and wanted to grow their business online without spamming and bugging their friends, without tricking them into coming over and "hearing about the business".   

Without being "That person" that everyone soon learns to avoid at church, at social dinners, at school functions, because they don't want to hear one more time about their "incredible company" and its "Life-changing products".

It took me all of 5 minutes to go to the link and sign up for this training which has revolutionized the way I approach my business and it can do the same for yours!  

I am so excited for what this can do for you and I would love help you reach your dreams, to pay the bills, and to fire your boss! To give you time with your loved ones and freedom from debt!  

It is possible to shorten the timeline between where you are today and reaching that freedom of time and finances.


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