3 Reasons Your Prospects Aren’t Buying From You (And how to change that now!) | Rhoda Kennell

3 Reasons Your Prospects Aren’t Buying From You (And how to change that now!)

Be honest with me...

Are you happy with your sales?  Are you getting leads but they're not converting?

Would like to know WHY it's not working? 

At the risk of sounding like a know-it-all, I'd like to tell you why. I think you'll find it enlightening! And hopefully you'll thank me for sharing what I've discovered.  

That's what makes me over-the-top ecstatic--to know I've helped someone by providing something of value, to see their business grow! 

First, a bit of a disclaimer--I can't take credit for discovering these points myself. They come from a master trainer, Tyson Zahner, and I'm passing them on to you!

I know you're likely crazy busy, and already begrudging the time it's taking you to read this, so I'll jump right in to the first point:

Picture it... 

You're a world-class chef who has mastered the art of grilling up a thick, juicy, mouth-watering steak--medium rare, with flavorful juices running all over the plate, just the way it was meant to be served. Alongside a beautiful soft and fluffy baked potato, oozing with melted butter and sour cream. 

The service is top-notch, and people pay top-dollar to eat at your restaurant, because they know they get what they're paying for, and then some! 

Your advertising campaign is over-the-top successful for the steaks for anyone who can afford them, because your reputation is sterling.  

However, there is one group of people who will never buy your steaks, no matter how mouth-watering they are or how effective your advertising is.  It's not even the price that deters them.  

I'm guessing you know where I'm going with this by now--it's the ones who are vegetarians. There is simply no way they'll eat that steak. You're wasting your time trying to get them to buy it from you! 

But say you offer them a gourmet meal of perfectly sauteed vegetables, a world-class salad, and some lovely tofu. What do you think their response would be?

It's the same way in your marketing--you have a message to market mis-match and your people aren't buying! 

You're not offering them what they need...... 

Or you need to change their thinking.

Visualize someone standing on the other side of a river. They have no idea there is a way to get across, or that they even want to get across.  You need to inform them they can cross over; you need to build a bridge.

Focus on educating them instead of on offering them your incredible products or your company's compensation plan right away and trying to sell them on it.   

Offer something of value--a webinar, an email, a video, or whatever--that provides some value without having to buy something first.  

Information and education should be a large part of your marketing strategy. 

On to our next problem for lack of sales...

Tyson shares a story of when he was a kid, how his dad liked to occasionally go fishing with his buddies up in Canada.

These trips would last up to a couple of weeks at a time and his mom kinda' dreaded them. It meant she had to hold down the fort at home by herself during that time. 

So for a couple of weeks leading up to his trip, Tyson's dad would do nice things for his wife. He would fold laundry, help around the house, do the dishes, and loved up on her a little bit more.

What was he doing? 

He was filling his "goodwill bank account" with extra credits, so that when it was time to make a withdrawal, it was a little less painful. 

How do you build up credits for your Goodwill bank account?

When you market online, you need to find a way to stand out and earn the trust of those you market to.  As we all know, people only buy from someone they "know, like, and trust", right?

In order for that to happen, you have to put some "credit" in your "Goodwill bank account."  

You can provide free value by doing videos on Facebook, offering webinars, giving free teaching and training on blog posts. (Just like I'm doing here) You could offer a free bootcamp, or maybe a free e-book that you've compiled. 

You're giving them value and you're letting them get to know you as a real person; not some nameless persona on the Internet. 

You are putting deposits in the account, so that when you DO ask them to purchase a product or become a distributor, that balance of goodwill will be enough to cover it. 

But won't there be some who will never buy?

Yes, there will be. 

Should you be okay with that? 

Yes, you should be. 

Most people don't want to give away "free stuff", but the truth is, if you want to succeed in business, you have to be okay with not getting anything in return.  You keep on giving and it WILL pay off! 

One of several things will happen eventually.  Maybe they won't buy from you right now. They'll just keep it in the back of their mind, and if you keep following up and putting out content, eventually, they'll realize they want what you have to offer.

Guess who they will remember then? You, the person who earned their trust, 'way back when.  

Or, they may never buy, but maybe they'll hit that "share" button and someone else will see what you've offered and be interested in what you've shared.

Just keep being nice to them and offering value, and eventually they will buy from you. 

Which leads us to Reason No. 3 why people won't buy from you....

Or, in other words--Bad (Or Even Lack Of) Followup!

So, for example, say you get a lead and you send them an email offer. They refuse or ignore the offer, so you send them another offer the next day, which they refuse. Then you send them a 3rd offer that afternoon or the very next day--"How about now?"  They say no, you send them a 4th offer--"So, how about now?"  

By this time, they're thinking you're really an annoying pesky person and they decide to remove you from their mailing list!   

Enter... the "What Goes Good With Milk" principle....

I love what Zhanner uses as a word picture.  Picture going to your Grandma's house one afternoon and she offers you a glass of milk.  You're not really in the mood for milk, so you tell her, "No, thank you, I'm not really in the mood for a glass of milk."   But you're not bothered by her asking; you don't see it as pesky or bothersome that she asked you the first time. 

Now, Grandma knows milk is good for you and she really wants to get you to drink it, so suppose she comes again about 10 minutes later with that glass of milk and says again, "Hey, would you like a glass of milk?"   

By now you're thinking--"So stop with the milk, already!" And you tell her that no, you're really not interested!  By now you're getting a tiny bit aggravated, or you're wondering if Grandma's memory is slipping a bit! 

But instead of the 2nd time asking if you want milk, suppose Grandma puts on her thinking cap and thinks, "Hmmm, I wonder what would go good with milk, to get him/her to drink the milk. Ahh.. apple pie goes great with milk!"  

So she waits a bit, then she comes and says, "Would you like some apple pie?"

You're not really hungry or in the mood for pie, so you tell her, "No thank you, I'm not really hungry right now."  So she walks away and lets you be. Now, do you see that as being pesky? No, of course not!  Especially since she totally didn't mention a glass of milk!  

But Grandma is still really wanting to figure out what would whet the appetite for a glass of milk, so she tries one more tactic--fresh, warm-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies!   

Again, she doesn't mention milk AT ALL.  Instead, she comes in the room about an hour later with a plate of those warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies and asks, "Hey hon, would you like some fresh cookies that I just baked?"  

Now, by now, you're starting to get a bit hungry and those cookies are looking great!  

So you say, "Sure! I'd love to have some cookies!"  You didn't even stop to think what was behind the offer.   But in about 10 minutes, you start to realize you're getting thirsty. So when Grandma says to you then, "Sweetheart, would you like a glass of milk to go with those cookies?", you start thinking, ""You know what? Now that I have the taste of cookies in my mouth, a glass of milk would go GREAT with those cookies!" 

What just happened here?  

Grandma just sold you a glass of milk without coming across as being pesky and bothersome!

Instead of repeatedly coming back and asking you if you wanted milk each time you refused, she got creative and kept looking for ways to make you thirsty for that milk!  

She didn't come across as being annoying because she looked for a different angle.

So what do I mean when I say you need to look for a different angle? 

Say you send out an email to your list or place on offer on your Facebook page and no one takes you up on your offer--maybe your new angle is just a different message. Maybe it's a new way to solve their problem, a different way of talking to them, or you could use a different medium altogether (more on that later), or maybe a combination of both. Maybe you could do a retargeting ad, or get them on a free webinar, and THAT is your conversion medium.  

Suppose you do get them on the webinar and they STILL don't buy your product or join your team.  You could then offer another webinar that goes into even more depth, but the only way they can access it is through an opt-in form. This allows you to collect their info for a retargeting campaign via email with a different angle or to use in an ad.

Eventually, they will get thirsty...

Eventually, someone will get "thirsty" enough because you've offered them the same thing from a totally different angle, and they'll take you up on your offer! They won't even think twice about the fact that you've just offered them the same thing, just from a different angle, of what they needed.  

Or maybe the light bulb will go on that what you've been offering is exactly what they've needed all along!  

In summary...

Let's summarize the 3 "reasons" and how change them up to solutions that work:

1. Stop trying to sell steak to a vegetarian--OR convert them into a steak lover!  Either offer them something they CAN use or change their thinking and help them see what they don't know they're missing.

2. You've depleted your "Goodwill bank account".  Start giving value to your customers for no charge. Do webinars, give away free information like "30 top headlines for FB live videos", etc, send out emails that offer value just for reading, or do regular Facebook live videos that teach, not just sell. The more you build up that bank account, the more they will be open to opening their wallet to you when you ask them to make an investment. 

3.  Third, and finally, make them thirsty for milk! If they aren't interested in what you have to offer, then come at it from different angles until you've whetted their appetite for what you're offering.  Remember Grandma and her milk!  

"But I need help with all those different angles, and with creating value!"

Maybe that's your thought right now after reading what I've just shared with you. If you're scratching your head and feeling like you've just been handed something that seems a bit overwhelming, then I encourage you to check out my free 10-Day Bootcamp. It will show you step-by-step how to connect with your prospects and get them to start buying!  

I hope this article provided some value for you and if so, would you drop me a line in the comments below and let me know? Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you check out the 10-Day Bootcamp. It's absolutely free! 

About the Author

Rhoda and her husband Darryl live on a farm in central IL. She is a professional network marketer and coaches other network marketers as well. When she is not building her business on Facebook, she is busy with farm bookkeeping, puttering around in her vegetable garden and koi pond, and going on hikes with her best friend and husband of 27 years.